Bonin Islands Ogasawara trip with wheelchair

I have LGMD (Limb-Girdle muscular dystrophy) and using wheelchair.
I love to travel both in Japan and foreign countries.

I went to Bonin Islands; Ogasawara in June 2011. Ogasawara's now world heritage.
I'd like to write this for travellers with wheelchair.
I think there's not so much infomation about travel with wheelchair to Ogasawara. As it is really hard for wheelchair users to go there.

First of all, you need to board on ship for 25 hours and 30 minutes.
The ship leaves Tokyo only once in 6 days. In busy seasons, once in 3 days. There's only one way to go to Bonin Islands. You have to get on this ship, Ogasawara-maru.

When you get on the ship, staffs can help you. But I think it's hard to go with heavy wheelchair such as a power chair. Staffs help you by man powers, they held up me on my wheelchair. My wheelchair is not powered one, it's very light one.

There are 5 classes of rooms in the ship. You need to stay with over 20 people in the standard class. (You sleep there and space for one person is very small.)
If you choose upper class to stay, it may be more confortable. But there's no eleveter in the ship. There's 5 decks in the ship. From the top, A, B, C, D & E.
The standard class stays on C, D & E decks.
The top class stays on B deck. But the restaurant and wheelchair accessible rest room is on C deck. So you need someone's help if you stay B deck and want to go to C deck for take dish.

The ship goes up and down when the wave of the sea is high. It is tough work to stay in the ship for 25 hours for someone don't have enough power.
If you don't like to get on ship, you shouldn't go to Bonin Islands.

When you arrive Chichi-jima; main island of Bonin Islands, the sea is really nice!!!!!!
It may be hard to go to beach with wheelchair, but there's some wheelchair accessible points.
I'm writing trip diaries about Ogasawara, please see below.
Contents about Trips

There's not a big hotel in Chichi-jima. I went to a condominium named "Portlloyd". There's one step to go into the building. And there are two steps to go into the room. As I can walk, it was confortable for me. In Japan, you need to get off shoes in the house or this type of condominium. In most hotels, you can wear shoes. It is difficult to go into Japanese-type room with wheelchair.
You can't do camps in Ogasawara area.

It is not possible to go to Minami-jima (South island of Ogasawara area). You can go near the island by boat, but it is hard for normal power people to land this island. There's no pier to get off the boat. You need to climb a rock or swim to land there.

To conserve this nice nature, it's hard to make big facilities. It is hard to go there, and I couldn't go there without my husband's help.
Please enjoy my diaries and feel free to contact me.

by fradol | 2011-07-06 19:27 | ENGLISH

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